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References Category:Electronic catalogues Category:Electronics cataloguesFriday, May 9, 2009 The final day of the Spark of Genius Blogfest began with more words of wisdom, this time from Sir Ken Robinson, author of "Out of Our Minds" and "Creativity Inc." If you like what you are reading, you can subscribe by RSS or email to receive instant updates whenever a new post is published. Join over 690 people who are already receiving my messages. Just type your email address in the "Subscribe" box on the upper right side of the blog page, and don't worry -- your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone. "I was speaking recently to a couple of friends and I was struck by a comment they made. They said: 'When we think about creativity, we think of people who are brilliant. Brilliant writers, brilliant artists and brilliant musicians.' And I said, 'Well, what's the problem with that? Isn't that what a lot of us are here for - to be brilliant?' And they said, 'No, but we think of them as highly privileged - people who have opportunities that most people haven't. They think that creative people have creative opportunities and they think that creative people have creative time. We don't think of them as everyone else. They are an elite.' And then I said, 'Do you think that creativity is one of those skills that everyone has? That we all have the ability to be creative? And what I'm saying is that the opposite is true. What makes people creative is that they are passionate about something and that they are compelled to do something. That's it. We all have the ability to be creative. In the end it doesn't matter how much you know about something or how good you are at it. What matters is that you care enough to put your heart and soul into it. So creativity can be found in all of us. No matter how ordinary you feel. No matter how ordinary your life is. No matter how much others might look down on you." Now you can follow along on Twitter. Join me at #SparkGenius, and don't forget to follow me on Facebook as well. You can find links for all three of those on the upper right hand side of my blog page. The Spark of Genius Blogfest concludes today at 11:59 p.m. EST. I'll ac619d1d87

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